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Jordan Fields



In the early 80’s, a kid out of Chicago named Jordan Fields had already taught himself to break-dance, DJ and make re-edits using a boombox and a little pause-button dexterity. Inspired by his older brother, he became a fanatic about mixing and scratching and soon found himself DJ’ing in the earliest days of what would later be known as the “Chicago House” scene. Jordan began recording for hours and hour and created a wealth of early still to this day unreleased Chicago house demos influenced by many Chicago stars of the time period. Jordan unearthed a few and released them under the name: Jordan Fields 1980s on Minimalizm at Beatport, and Klapmaster on Klapmaster Records at Junodownload, a label set-up to release the majority of these lost recordings.

By the beginning of the 1990s Jordan Fields was calling himself a Producer and had stacks of unreleased material waiting for the chance to be heard. That day would one soon come when Jordan was attending a private party hosted by new upstart LARGE RECORDS where he met Rick Lenoir pf House Jam Records, a funny thing happened. A few producers were taking turns on the tape deck playing demos and when Jordan played his Rick asked Jordan to step outside to speak in private. They talked on the street for a few minutes and made the plan to meet-up and get something going. Jordan took it seriously and went down to meet Rick and they hit it off and released Jordan Fields first and second releases. Under the name Thrillseekers, Fields released his first single and it yielded a jazzy house classic featuring Jordan on the mic scatting “SHOO BEE DOO DOO WAAAAAAAAA!!, along with the deep and disco groove "Got The Cure" championed by the likes of Mr. Tony Humphries! A month later House Jam releases another ep by Jordan under the name Club Orchestra on the Night Club label. A huge buzz started, word was traveling fast and Jordan soon found himself the object of a feeding frenzy of labels wanting a project. Large Records did finally sign a project after hearing of the success of THRILLSEEKERS, along with many other choice labels such as Baseline, Daisy, Definitive, LaCasa, Moody, Track Mode, SOM Underground, SSR, and Tribal America. This time period also see the start-up of JF's own groundbreaking Chicago's labels Headphoniq and LeFreQ.

Dozens of releases later on both major and indie labels, Fields has refined a sophisticated, soulful groove that has made him a household name the world over, while continuing the feed the underground with the gritty grooves he started out making. This versatility can be found quickly if you listen to the Special Disco Mixes on LeFreQ, Brazilian Sounds on Cafe Club Discos, and the Tech House on Minimalizm you will notice all styles being translated fluently and naturally by JF.

His album release on Mo’ WAX, “Moments In Dub” was a commercial and critical success by mashing up deep-house, hip hop and acid-fried funk into the mix. Jordan wanted to capture the diverse groove again while going well beyond and so years later he released Jordan Fields presents 2084, which was met with Global praise and JF was honored with ALBUM Of The Month by respected UK Magazine iDJ.

Jordan Fields is currently making the DJ rounds spinning sets of wild and diverse styles from Chicago Jackin, NYC Garage, Disco, Detroit Techno, Italo Disco to Electro, Nu Wave, Nu Jazz, Broken Beat, Lounge, Brazilian and Dub.

You should look to book Jordan Fields to DJ if you want your club to have a very fun and memorable night.



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