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Groove Believers is a DJ collective for the love of Chicago and Detroit sounds. Groove Believers hates hype and senseless music.

We want to share our music. We like to discover new artists, new DJs, new designers... Our best form of expression is DJing. This is the way we have of showing the world our knowledge of electronic music and we'd like to invite you to enjoy with the music we play, because it's the music we love.

We have no limits: we play what we we want and we do so without time restrictions. It's a pleasure for us to share the music from our vinyls or playlists.

We don't want an exclusive collective. We'd like anybody who loves real House or Techno to send us their DJ mixes, which we'll play on our radioshow and share through our podcast.

We hope you enjoy our site and love the music.

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groove believers

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